Dry brush and other fil­ters

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Now I start to add some 2D ef­fects to knock back the ap­pear­ance of the 3D ren­der. The Dry Brush fil­ter with Brush size 2 or 3, De­tails set to the max and Tex­ture set to 1 is per­fect for this. I play around with dif­fer­ent ef­fects fil­ters, such as paint daubs, dry­brush and cutout, and al­ways work on layer copies, in case some­thing doesn’t go ac­cord­ing to plan.

Fad­ing out layer ef­fects

After ap­ply­ing a layer ef­fect, some de­tails may be lost. This is when mul­ti­ple lay­ers come in handy. With your layer still ac­tive be­low, use a wide, smooth and low-opac­ity Erase brush to re­move some of the layer ef­fects. Then du­pli­cate both the orig­i­nal and faded ef­fects, and merge them to cre­ate a new “ground layer” that you can du­pli­cate to work on new ef­fects.

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