In­tuos Cre­ative Sty­lus 2

If you’re after a pre­ci­sion sty­lus for your iPad that feels like one you’d use on your In­tuos tablet, then look no fur­ther

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Price £65

TCom­pany Wa­com

Web www.wa­ he Wa­com In­tuos Cre­ative Sty­lus 2 is aimed squarely at artists re­quir­ing a pre­ci­sion tool for sketch­ing and paint­ing on their iPad. Like many styli that are ap­pear­ing on the mar­ket, the CS2 is an ac­tive sty­lus, mean­ing it’s paired to your iPad via Blue­tooth tech­nol­ogy.

The ad­van­tage that an ac­tive sty­lus has over a pas­sive sty­lus (which is one with­out Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity that sim­ply em­u­lates your fin­ger with a rub­ber tip) is that you can cus­tomise and use ex­tra but­tons – for tog­gling be­tween tools, un­do­ing ac­tions and so on. This sty­lus also sup­ports palm re­jec­tion and pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity (it boasts 2,048 pres­sure lev­els). The first ad­van­tage is nice, but the lat­ter two fea­tures are vi­tal for artists.

The CS2 doesn’t dis­ap­point when draw­ing. You can gen­uinely sense the ex­tra lev­els of pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity in apps such as Sketch­Book. Ev­ery­thing

Con­tact 020 7744 0831 feels much more nat­u­ral, es­pe­cially with lighter strokes and when build­ing up lay­ers of colour or tone.

On open­ing the CS2 box, you’re quickly made aware that this is one of Wa­com’s pre­mium prod­ucts. The stylish moulded plas­tic and rub­ber case that holds the sty­lus and USB charg­ing cable is a lovely ob­ject in it­self.

On open­ing the box you’re made aware that this is a pre­mium prod­uct

Also in­cluded in the case is a spare tip and a built-in de­vice to re­move the tip from your sty­lus. It’s a lovely pack­age to open and when you do so, you find a sty­lus that feels like the one you use on your desk­top ma­chine.

While the CS2 lacks the aes­thetic ap­peal of, say, Pen­cil by 53 and Adobe’s Ink, it’ll feel very fa­mil­iar to

The CS2 will soon be sup­ported by Pro­cre­ate, Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line, among sev­eral other art apps. The CS2’s pre­ci­sion tip

is smaller, harder and more ac­cu­rate than the

pre­vi­ous model. The end cap pops off to re­veal a USB port. The CS2 takes around two hours to charge and lasts about 26 hours.

The Cre­ative Sty­lus 2 feels great in the hand, and it has a soft-touch grip that flares out to­wards the end of the de­vice.

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