Step-by-step: Paint­ing per­fect glitter

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1 Once I’ve fin­ished paint­ing my frost fairy princess’s skin com­plex­ion, I take note of the ar­eas that are af­fected by the strong light source by her foot and those that are in shadow. I cre­ate a new layer just above the skin one and I set it to Over­lay. 2 I se­lect a Round brush, set Hard­ness to 60-70 per cent and the Spac­ing to 130-140 per cent. I put the Opac­ity Jit­ter and Flow Jit­ter on Pen Pres­sure and add Scat­ter­ing. I now start paint­ing glitter with a range of grey shades, de­pend­ing on the light and shad­ows of the face. 3 By set­ting the level to Over­lay, greys will in­ter­act with the skin of the character, dark­en­ing and bright­en­ing like typ­i­cal dots of sil­ver glitter. As a fin­ish­ing step I se­lect with a Hard- edged brush and add some strong light hits here and there, to em­pha­sise the sparkle.

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