How do I cre­ate per­spec­tive guides in Pho­to­shop?

Tony Win­ter­burn, Eng­land

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Jonathan replies

There are prob­a­bly a dozen or so ways to go about mak­ing per­spec­tive tools for your­self in Pho­to­shop. The fol­low­ing method has worked well for me in that it’s flex­i­ble, ed­itable and makes use of a toolset that’s sim­i­lar to Adobe’s Il­lus­tra­tor.

Other pro­grams have some nifty per­spec­tive tools built in (par­tic­u­larly Sketch­Book Pro) and later ver­sions of Pho­to­shop may have ad­dressed this need, but the fol­low­ing use of the Pen tool and Paths can be ap­plied to almost any ver­sion of the soft­ware, re­gard­less of its vin­tage.

What you cre­ate with the Pen tool is equiv­a­lent to mak­ing van­ish­ing points on pa­per, with their cor­re­spond­ing guides, zoom­ing away to their re­spec­tive point. How­ever, mak­ing them in Pho­to­shop makes them con­sid­er­ably more flex­i­ble.

Know­ing that the Pen tool can cre­ate points with con­nect­ing lines with­out gen­er­at­ing pix­els is the key to this method. Ad­di­tion­ally, un­der­stand­ing the dif­fer­ence be­tween the black se­lec­tion ar­row (for se­lect­ing whole paths) and the white se­lec­tion ar­row (for se­lect­ing the con­stituent parts of a path) is es­sen­tial.

This ship de­sign is pretty ba­sic, but the vol­umes and an­gles are more or less cor­rect, thanks to the use of the Pen tool.

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