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This app takes lots of pho­to­graphs and com­bines them into one, for the best of many worlds.

Shoot bright Hy­dra makes use of the lat­est soft­ware ren­der­ing tech­nolo­gies now avail­able to iOS de­vices. Its main func­tion is tak­ing high­dy­namic range (HDR) shots. HDR is when the cam­era takes mul­ti­ple shots of a scene at dif­fer­ent ex­po­sure set­tings and merges them into a sin­gle pic­ture.

Hy­dra per­forms this func­tion ad­mirably, com­bin­ing up to 20 ex­po­sures in a sin­gle out­put im­age whose lev­els can then be tweaked, mak­ing it ideal for snap­ping in­spi­ra­tional scenes on the go. There’s also a video-HDR mode which, although good, isn’t as im­pres­sive as static shots, while the low-light mode re­moves cam­era noise well, but can’t work mir­a­cles.

Hy­dra’s high-res­o­lu­tion and zoom modes em­ploy a sub­tle mo­tion tech­nique to recre­ate high­res­o­lu­tion images from a num­ber of low-res ones, but we couldn’t al­ways tell the dif­fer­ence. Ul­ti­mately though, Hy­dra’s HDR mode won us over. It re­ally does make for tak­ing great pic­tures, even in poor light.

Hy­dra takes many images and com­bines them, for a more bal­anced light in con­trasted scenes.

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