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Lo­ca­tion: US

Web: www.tawnyfritz.com

Email: tawnyfritzart@gmail.com

ME­DIA: Pho­to­shop

Tawny’s par­ents were ex­tremely sup­port­ive of her art grow­ing up. “I knew I wanted to do some­thing with it,” she says. “But I had no idea how to trans­late my skills into some­thing I would en­joy. There weren’t nearly as many re­sources for en­ter­tain­ment artists back then. So I set out to be­come a fan­tasy RPG artist.”

As an art school drop-out, hav­ing tried mul­ti­ple de­gree plans at mul­ti­ple schools, Tawny wouldn’t call her­self self-taught, rather ‘com­mu­nity taught’. “I learned from work­shops, tu­to­ri­als, and YouTube videos put out there by other artists.”

She hopes to some­day be able to give back to up and com­ing artists by teach­ing them a thing or two!

1 SAU­DADE “This started as a study of a stock im­age on De­viantArt by Mar­cus J Ranum. I put a lit­tle of my­self into it – sau­dade is a Por­tuguese word that de­scribes a deep emo­tional sense of nos­tal­gia or melan­choly.”

2 GUN MER­CHANT “Some­times I like to be a lit­tle bit silly with se­ri­ous sub­jects, and throw Easter eggs in an im­age. Like this guy’s Star Trek em­blems and Sharpie pen. They’re hints that, while he looks like he’s from the past, he’s ac­tu­ally part of a dystopian fu­ture.”

3 GARRUCK “This was a Playmat com­mis­sion for an avid Magic: The Gath­er­ing player. He wanted his favourite Planeswalker sur­rounded by fear­some beasts. I called on my men­tor, Jon Schin­de­hette, to help art di­rect me through this and I learned so much from it. Jon’s a great re­source!”




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