Step-by-step: Jerk your char­ac­ters around dramatically

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This as­tro­naut is be­ing yanked straight up off the ground by a ten­ta­cle around his waist. He’s bent dou­ble, and his legs are straight. His arms are hang­ing down and splayed out a bit, so that his arms and legs be­come “ar­rows” high­light­ing the di­rec­tion in which he’s be­ing pulled. The lost weapon en­hances the feel­ing of up­ward move­ment.


The alien’s grip on this as­tro­naut’s up­per arm is pulling him back. He be­comes off-bal­ance, and throws the other arm out­wards to try to re­gain it. The right fore­arm is jerked up­wards, spoil­ing any con­trolled shot. The left leg scis­sors up as the fig­ure falls back, and the head is tilted slightly for­ward in a bit of whiplash ef­fect.


One poor chap is be­ing hoisted up­side down by the left an­kle. The arms hang al­most straight down (reach­ing for the ground can en­hance the feel of the pose) and the right leg is fold­ing down with grav­ity as well, caus­ing the body to arc back. Again, a lost weapon em­pha­sises the idea of be­ing lifted sharply and sud­denly.

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