16 Danc­ing with the ac­tion

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Drawing ac­tion is dif­fi­cult. Know­ing where to put the cam­era to cover the kicks, hits and ex­plo­sions comes with prac­tice. Think of it in terms of a dance; the cam­era mov­ing in rhythm to the fight, jump­ing be­tween punches, cut­ting from im­pact to re­ac­tion. Use wider shots for cov­er­age, closer shots to show im­pacts and con­vey the bru­tal­ity and pain. The same ac­tion will of­ten be cov­ered by sev­eral cam­eras from dif­fer­ent po­si­tions, which re­duces the num­ber of times it might be nec­es­sary to re­peat the stunt and gives the direc­tor mul­ti­ple views to cut be­tween in the edit. This will need to be re­flected in your sto­ry­boards.

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