Take con­trol of your colour­ing

ImagineFX - - Quick Technique Lock Transparency -

A. Get your lay­ers or­gan­ised first!

My lay­ers are al­ways or­gan­ised by hav­ing a layer for each ma­jor el­e­ment in my art­work. In this ex­am­ple I have a layer for my line-art at the top and a layer for the sub­se­quent base colours of my char­ac­ter’s skin and hair. This means I have full con­trol over edit­ing each el­e­ment separately.

B. Colour­ing the line-art

The next step is to en­able the Lock Trans­parency func­tion for my line-art layer, which gives me the op­tion to colour just the out­line of my char­ac­ter. Se­lect the base colour of the skin and go slightly darker. No­tice now as I paint the skin out­lines, it gels the lines with the skin colour. I then re­peat the process for the line-art of the eyes, lips and hair.

C. Add light and shad­ows to the base colours

For the fi­nal stage, I Lock Trans­parency for the base colour lay­ers, take an air­brush and start ren­der­ing by shad­ing in the tones. My main fo­cus is to play with the edges of the base colours to re­flect light and shadow. You can al­ways go back into the line-art layer and ad­just the colours to fit the tones.

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