How I cre­ate a… dreamy fan­tasy vista

ImagineFX - - Artist Insight Fantasy Environment -

1 Prob­lem solv­ing

The ini­tial sketch and lay­out is where I solve any prob­lems (with the ex­cep­tion of light­ing and tex­ture). At this point, which is fairly quick and non­com­mit­tal, I re­solve the ma­jor shapes, pic­to­rial space and the de­sign lan­guage. I also add three val­ues to help gauge the clar­ity of the shapes.

2 Plot­ting light­ing

Next, I es­tab­lish the light­ing and over­all tex­ture. I want to de­scribe all the ma­jor forms In value only, and take into ac­count the depth with the at­mo­spheric per­spec­tive. Even though I’m ex­plor­ing a bit of the tex­ture, I’m not de­tail­ing. Then I make an Over­lay layer and glaze on some of the colours.

3 Add de­tails

This is a battle of what to add and what to leave out. I try not to over­com­pli­cate any ar­eas un­nec­es­sar­ily. If I can hide an area be­hind a shadow I will, to em­pha­sise the im­por­tant parts, such as the small trav­ellers or houses.

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