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Artists are known for their in­tro­verted spir­its, and this can be detri­men­tal to the way they pro­mote them­selves, but more so for women. But why are women con­di­tioned to have such a lack of con­fi­dence? Illustrator Re­becca Flaum says, “Young girls are much more strongly en­cour­aged to be mod­est than boys are, and that train­ing grows up with us. Girls are more likely to be ac­cused of be­ing show-offs and are of­ten more strictly pun­ished for bad be­hav­iour, whereas boys of­ten get dis­missed with ‘boys will be boys’.”

Lau­ren adds that, “Young boys are en­cour­aged to play rough and get dirty, while young girls are given dolls and told to be princesses. That all adds up over the years to feel­ing dis­in­clined to tak­ing a stand against so­ci­ety norms. We’re also taught to seek safety and set­tle down – that’s the cliché, right? An artist’s life is the op­po­site of safe and se­cure.”

Role mod­els

We recog­nise the fan­tas­tic drive and com­mit­ment of the artist who, de­spite be­ing very ill, man­aged to keep paint­ing right up to the end. Page 20 Yet it’s not just th­ese in­her­ent so­cial struc­tures that knock women’s con­fi­dence. “There may be an­other rea­son why women are less likely to put them­selves out there and take risks. It’s the same rea­son I think

Iris Com­piet’s sketch­book proves women har­bour just as much raw tal­ent as their male coun­ter­parts.

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