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Why do you never have an is­sue about car­toons and car­i­ca­tures? They’re not as easy to do as they look, right? Also, I don’t own a suit­able elec­tronic read­ing de­vice yet (I in­tend to get one in the au­tumn), but why don’t you of­fer more dig­i­tal back is­sues? Kris, via email Claire replies Kris, you’re right – we haven’t re­ally fo­cused on car­toon and car­i­ca­tures thus far. I’m not sure if th­ese top­ics are wor­thy of an en­tire is­sue (un­less read­ers, you wish to email in to tell me oth­er­wise!) but I’ll look into fea­tur­ing guid­ance on car­i­ca­tures in a fu­ture edi­tion.

As for the lack of dig­i­tal back is­sues, it would take us quite a lot of time and re­source to make th­ese older edi­tions avail­able as back is­sues, and we’re just not sure there’s enough de­mand for it.

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