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Sim­i­lar to break­downs, ‘ in be­tweens’ is an an­i­ma­tion term that refers to the images or frames that go in be­tween the break­down poses/frames. Th­ese are all the rest of the draw­ings that flesh out your scene and give it a life-like feel. Con­tinue to cre­ate th­ese in be­tweens (typ­i­cally on 2s) un­til your scene is pol­ished and be­liev­able.

Au­gust 2015

Ex­plore new tech­niques

Even af­ter nearly 30 years of an­i­mat­ing I’m still en­thralled with the magic of it. See­ing your images come to life is a spe­cial feel­ing. I’m still ex­per­i­ment­ing and dis­cov­er­ing new tech­niques, and I would en­cour­age you to do the same: ex­per­i­ment with tem­pos, pac­ing, sto­ries and char­ac­ter at­ti­tudes. The more you do it, the bet­ter you’ll get. Have fun!

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