Find the key light

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In most light­ing set­ups there’s a key light (the bright­est light source in the scene) and a fill light (less strong, but fills the over­all im­age). In this paint­ing I de­cide to make the sun­light (my key) only hit one part of the moun­tain in­stead of ev­ery­where. It adds vis­ual in­ter­est and draws the viewer’s eye to one par­tic­u­lar part of the im­age.

Au­gust 2015

Fore-, mid- and back­ground

With less at­mos­phere near the cam­era, the dark­est parts of the im­age will al­ways be the most black near­est cam­era. I spend some time work­ing out a few more de­tails and mak­ing the fore­ground a bit darker, to help make it stand out against the lighter back­ground. Clever lay­er­ing should make it easy on the eye to take in the im­age.

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