Ton­ing down the con­trast

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I’m nearly fin­ished, but I need to make some gen­eral con­trast changes. I feel there’s too much con­trast in the shadow ar­eas: at the start of my the paint­ing process I strived for a clear con­trast be­tween light and shadow. But now I de­cide to use a big air­brush with an or­ange colour to go over all the shadow ar­eas. Us­ing one colour brings all the shadow ar­eas to­gether again.

Fin­ish­ing touches

I darken the back­ground around her head to de­velop the con­trast be­tween the back­ground and the hair, and en­hance the glow us­ing an Lin­ear Dodge (Add) layer. I also paint colours on her dress where the sun’s shin­ing through it. I add sat­u­ra­tion where light hits a shadow, such as the area be­tween the sleeve and the light on her shoul­der. I also soften up some edges.

Septem­ber 2015

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