Get to Know Krita’s ba­sics

Learn all about the soft­ware’s tools and find out how to use vari­ables to con­trol them, as ex­plains KKrita’s core as­pects

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rita of­fers a good va­ri­ety of tools for paint­ing and edit­ing im­ages. These in­clude cre­at­ing di­verse brush strokes, se­lect­ing ob­jects on the can­vas, re­siz­ing your art­work, as well as the abil­ity to stretch and crop a paint­ing.

To take full ad­van­tage of all the tools the pro­gram pro­vides how­ever, you’ll have to make sure that your Tools

KBrush strokes and colour fill

There is a va­ri­ety of ways you can cre­ate brush strokes with the avail­able tools: Paint With Brushes (free­hand), Draw a Straight Line with the Cur­rent Brush (tap on the can­vas to start and fin­ish a line), Draw a Rec­tan­gle/El­lipse/Poly­gon (with var­i­ous fill­ings) and Draw a Poly­line/Path/Free­hand Path Tools. You may also fill a se­lec­tion with solid colour, pat­tern or gra­di­ent.

Se­lect­ing an area

One way to se­lect ar­eas on the can­vas is to use the tools that of­fer a pre­de­fined shape (rec­tan­gle or cir­cle for ex­am­ple). Another is to draw a shape by brush, poly­gon, out­line or path. To make a se­lec­tion by colour you may se­lect a con­tigu­ous area of colour(s), or se­lect all ar­eas in the pic­ture that con­tain the colour of your choos­ing. Docker and Tool Op­tions Docker are both turned on and vis­i­ble.

In or­der to do that, you sim­ply need to se­lect Set­tings>Dock­ers from the top menu and check these Dock­ers from the list. Then, depend­ing on which Tools Docker tool you de­cide to use, the Tool Op­tions Docker will change ac­cord­ingly, dis­play­ing all avail­able op­tions for that tool.

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