Def­i­ni­tion through line art

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The ship is still a bit of a mess, so we need to de­fine the in­di­vid­ual pieces and shapes into a co­her­ent whole. Fo­cus in on the guts of the ship where all the earthly be­long­ings of the pioneers are car­ried. How are the en­gines yoked to the main craft? These de­tails come into fo­cus at this stage. At this point I’m more in­ter­ested in mak­ing the de­sign look cool. The story of this be­ing a space wagon is es­tab­lished, so now it’s time to fill in all of the fun sci-fi giz­mos!

More re­fine­ment

Next I add in more line-art and de­cide that the ship doesn’t have enough girth, so I drop the front of the main hull down to round the ship out. In my back­story, this ves­sel was put to­gether with used or sal­vaged com­po­nents, which is why nei­ther en­gines are iden­ti­cal.

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