How can I dress my war­rior in an­i­mal furs?

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Den­man replies

when de­sign­ing an out­fit for a char­ac­ter i’ll pick a main el­e­ment, then add a cou­ple of com­ple­men­tary ma­te­ri­als to help sell it and bal­ance the de­sign as a whole. i’ve heard it said that one usu­ally wants to have about three dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als in a de­sign to help sep­a­rate each form.

For this ex­am­ple i de­cide to dress a war­rior in some wolf pelts. the grey wolf fur will be what de­fines the main shapes, and i’ll counter the soft fur with some leather, and then lastly the ex­posed skin of our char­ac­ter with a splash of red blood. to add to the mood of the char­ac­ter i want to put him in a dy­namic pose with a lot of move­ment. i de­cide that a sim­ple tri­an­gu­lar com­po­si­tion would suit the ag­gres­sive­ness and power i want to con­vey. Fi­nally, i throw in a sim­ple back­ground to tie the il­lus­tra­tion to­gether. and since i want to fo­cus on the char­ac­ter and his move­ment, i keep the im­age loose and im­plied.

Us­ing a va­ri­ety of ma­te­ri­als – in this case, the char­ac­ter’s skin, leather and the an­i­mal fur – helps sep­a­rate and de­fine each el­e­ment of the char­ac­ter’s de­sign.

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