Tran Nguyen

For Tran, it’s all about find­ing a mes­sage and pur­pose for her art…

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Tran Nguyen paints fig­u­ra­tive work with a hint of sur­re­al­ism and a splash of fan­tasy, and she’s clear that the fan­tasy genre is a place she be­longs to. pre­fer it if my work was free of any com­part­men­tal­i­sa­tion.”

Tran goes on to ex­plain that she loves to paint “ther­a­peu­tic im­agery”, and tries to pin­point the con­cept be­hind each of her paint­ings. She aims to tap into a spe­cific yet uni­ver­sal emo­tion that ev­ery­one can re­late to.

“It’s my hope that the viewer can re­late, rec­ol­lect and thus foster well-be­ing from what they in­ter­pret,” says Tran. “It’s ubiq­ui­tous to say that life is a se­ries of hard­ships and each year yields emo­tional bag­gage. In all, I’d like for my vi­su­als to serve as a buf­fer in get­ting through tough times.”

“Fan­tasy en­com­passes a per­spec­tive that’s per­pen­dic­u­lar to re­al­ity,” she says. “I think de­pict­ing im­agery that cap­tures space which could never ex­ist in our daily lives ex­pands our imag­i­na­tive ca­pac­ity.”

But when asked if her il­lus­tra­tive work be­longs to a par­tic­u­lar com­mu­nity she’s a lit­tle more guarded, or rather am­bigu­ous, on who would en­joy her work. “I can easily see my­self cat­e­gorised into the pop-sur­re­al­ism move­ment,” she replies, “although I would


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