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Lo­ca­tion: Malaysia Web: www.jarold­sng.com eMaiL: jarold­sng@gmail.com MeDia: Pho­to­shop, Maya

Hav­ing ex­plored clay sculpt­ing and draw­ing at the same time, as a pain­ter Jarold fo­cuses more on recre­at­ing forms and how their sur­faces re­act to light and shadow.

“My main in­spi­ra­tions come from skulls and bones,” he says. “I love the sil­hou­ettes and lines they cre­ate. To me they’re na­ture’s best sculp­tures: they are not only aes­thetic mar­vels, but also the struc­ture of our bod­ies.”

The artist then re­veals his in­flu­ences: “HR Giger, Zdzisław Beksin­ski and Takayuki Takeya are artists who I greatly ad­mire. I find that their art­works feel petrified, as if the char­ac­ters and worlds are frozen in time.”

1 co-op “I wanted to ex­plore a mil­i­tary scene that had an el­e­ment of scale be­tween two char­ac­ters. I was look­ing for a dif­fer­ent take at mil­i­tary or po­lice aes­thet­ics. I chose to frame the char­ac­ters with large shapes, us­ing Hong Kong-inspired ar­chi­tec­ture.”

2 COLOUR AND CHROME “This dys­func­tional cou­ple wants noth­ing but to be to­gether per­ma­nently. They live to­gether in a post-apoc­a­lyp­tic world, so all of the equip­ment are re­cy­cled. This paint­ing was a per­sonal as­sign­ment to prac­tise paint­ing me­tal­lic and rusty ob­jects.”

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