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ImagineFX - - Quick Technique Krita Basics -

a. paint with brushes tool The most in­ter­est­ing fea­ture in Brush Op­tions is the dis­tance pa­ram­e­ter, and it’s use­ful to ad­just it. If you paint with a small zoom (far away) and a large brush, it’s good to set the dis­tance set­ting to high. Brush strokes will be more fluid and you’ll see that it’s harder to paint with smaller brushes and move­ments. For the same rea­son, keep this pa­ram­e­ter low when work­ing with a big zoom (close up).

b. Draw a straight line tool Even though it seems this tool is a com­bi­na­tion of a brush and a vec­tor tool, it can still work with brush pres­sure. Tilt and ro­tate depend­ing on your choice. c. Draw a rec­tan­gle/ cir­cle/poly­gon tool Those three tools use the same set­tings. You may choose what kind of fill­ing you want (Not Filled/Fore­ground/Back­ground Color/Pat­tern), or if you want an out­line to be vis­i­ble (No Out­line/Brush). D. con­tigu­ous area se­lec­tion tool To se­lect a colour within a con­tigu­ous area, click a colour to se­lect it and, depend­ing on a fuzzi­ness set­ting, sim­i­lar ad­ja­cent colours. You can also Grow/Shrink the Se­lec­tion and change the Feather pa­ram­e­ter (blur­ri­ness of the se­lec­tion edges). You can add, sub­tract and in­ter­sect con­sec­u­tive se­lec­tions. e. trans­form a layer or a se­lec­tion tool You can trans­form a layer or a se­lec­tion free­hand, but the Tool Op­tions en­able more pre­cise trans­for­ma­tions. You can con­trol Ver­ti­cal and Hor­i­zon­tal Trans­la­tion, Shear and Scale. You can also tilt and ro­tate the se­lec­tion/layer around the X/Y/Z axis.

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