Dan Howard opens up his sketch­book to re­veal horned women and mu­tant tur­tles.

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to re­veal float­ing opens up his sketch­book tur­tles The il­lus­tra­tor women and mu­tant trees, horned

“Not ev­ery idea is gold, so some days I draw fa­mil­iar char­ac­ters just to stay in shape"

“I wanted to ex­plore dif­fer­ent times of the day in Just the one il­lus­tra­tion”


“This is the ba­sic idea of how I work. A few thumb­nails to give ideas of where I want to go. From there, I tighten up the sketch as

much as pos­si­ble.”

En­vi­ron­men­tal “An en­vi­ron­ment idea. I sketch these in lines first then go in and do a black and white mood ex­plo­ration. From there I add colour on top. These are

rel­a­tively small and quick.”

horns twist

“More tight sketches as well as some ran­dom ideas and ges­tures.”

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mine craft


fight of fancy

“Some­times I get to where I think I have a fi­nal sketch ready for prepa­ra­tion to paint… and then I’ll do some­thing I like even

more. The fig­ure on the left looked nice for a while, but I had a feel­ing I could sell the pose a lot bet­ter with dy­nam­ics,

as il­lus­trated with these two sketches.”

“This is an idea I had from a Minecraft build – ba­si­cally a tree with a small shrine around the base. I wanted to ex­plore dif­fer­ent times of the day in one il­lus­tra­tion. These are the sketches and black and white

com­po­si­tions used.”

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Ken Lashle sketch­


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