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If you click the Set­tings icon at the top left on the Ad­vanced Color Se­lec­tor (ACS), you’ll be able to ad­just that Se­lec­tor and another, called Color Slid­ers. Even though it may seem un­nec­es­sary to ad­just these set­tings at first, some changes ap­plied to them can make your colour se­lect­ing eas­ier.

A. Gen­eral tab

Here you can choose a Color Space for your Ad­vanced Color Se­lec­tor (ACS) with­out chang­ing the whole colour pro­file of your im­age. For ex­am­ple, while work­ing on your paint­ing in RGB mode you can choose to switch your ACS to Grayscale or CMYK Color Space. You can also choose what will hap­pen to the Shade Se­lec­tor when you shrink the ACS and de­ter­mine the na­ture of the zoom for your Se­lec­tor.

B. Color Se­lec­tor tab

You can choose what type of se­lec­tor you want to work with: HSV, HSL, HSI or HSY. As you click them a de­scrip­tion will open to the right ex­plain­ing each type sep­a­rately. You can also choose the shape of the se­lec­tor. Not ev­ery­body likes the de­fault tri­an­gle shape of the Ad­vanced Color Se­lec­tor. I per­son­ally pre­fer the one on the top right.

C. Shade Se­lec­tor tab

You’re able to ad­just the look of your Shade Se­lec­tor, too.

D. Color Patches tab

Here you can ad­just how the Color History is go­ing to be dis­played: how many patches, their size, count and lo­ca­tion.

E. Color Slid­ers tab

This set­ting ac­tu­ally af­fects a dif­fer­ent Docker. Here you can choose what kind of slid­ers are go­ing to be vis­i­ble in the Color Slid­ers Docker.

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