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Lewis rec­om­mends the right art sup­plies for the job… For sketch­ing and break­downs I use a lead­holder with an HB lead. Hold the pen­cil as far away from the tip as pos­si­ble for faster, looser lines, chok­ing up on it only for the fine de­tails.

A lead­holder sharp­ener. Gotta have one. Kneaded erasers can change shape, don’t tear up the pa­per, don’t leave be­hind eraser bits, and they can be used to ei­ther com­pletely erase or just lighten up pen­cil work. Mi­crons are won­der­ful for the way they re­spond to the pa­per. I usu­ally use an 03 and an 005 for all my ren­der­ing and a 1 to fill in larger black ar­eas. Some white­out is handy – I pre­fer white­out pens. Pen­touch is fairly trans­par­ent while De­coColor is pretty opaque. I like hav­ing both op­tions for cor­rec­tions, high­lights, ef­fects and so on.

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