Re­spond­ing to feed­back and re­bal­anc­ing the scene

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Upon feed­back from the Imag­ineFX team, the shut­tle is moved more to the left to al­low for a wider shot. This is still the rough stage and so mov­ing el­e­ments around is rel­a­tively easy. I haven’t com­mit­ted to any de­tails or clean up, so there’s no dan­ger of los­ing pre­vi­ously fin­ished work. I can’t stress the im­por­tance of work­ing rough. Dur­ing pro­duc­tion, things change all the time. If you com­mit to de­tails and clean-ups too early, it can bite you in the butt later. Keep things loose, rough, fluid and ex­ploratory in the be­gin­ning.

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