31MU97 mon­i­tor

LG’s Dig­i­tal Cin­ema 4k mon­i­tor has eight mil­lion-plus pix­els. But does it re­ally suit your needs?

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With a de­cent amount of ver­ti­cal tilt and height ad­just­ment, the first thing you’ll no­tice about the LG 31MU97 is that you’ll ab­so­lutely be able to get it into a po­si­tion to suit your work setup. It’s an unas­sum­ing de­sign, but that re­flects its po­si­tion­ing as a pro­fes­sional piece of hard­ware, rather than a gim­micky, glitzy con­sumer toy.

Keep in mind that you could be look­ing at it for hours upon hours a day and the plain­ness be­comes very ap­peal­ing. Be­sides, the dis­play it­self is beau­ti­ful. If you’re used to a stan­dard widescreen mon­i­tor then this will look just slightly wider. And it is: the as­pect ra­tion is an un­usual 256:195 (pretty close to 17:9).

Be­fore you go jump­ing on the 4k band­wagon, though, you need to weigh up whether the mon­i­tor meets your re­quire­ments or not. Sure, the eight mil­lion-plus pix­els might be lovely to paint with, but you might just find your in­put de­vice doesn’t quite suit. For such a high res­o­lu­tion you may need to in­vest in a larger graph­ics tablet, or you run the risk of in­ac­cu­racy. Menus and screen text can also be harder to read, and al­though you can scale them in the dis­play set­tings, this misses the point.

The real ben­e­fit of this res­o­lu­tion comes when work­ing with video and an­i­ma­tion. The colour ac­cu­racy is su­perb, with 100 per cent sRGB and even 97 per cent of the dig­i­tal cin­ema colour stan­dard, mean­ing this isn’t far from a true grad­ing mon­i­tor. The ben­e­fit to work­ing with time­lines should be pretty ob­vi­ous, with room for more time or de­tail, and if you work with keyframes or curves then you’ll be very happy.

The qual­ity of this dis­play is fan­tas­tic. Just make sure it’s suit­able for your 2D work be­fore splash­ing the cash.

The sim­ple de­sign of the stand and bezel means this mon­i­tor en­cour­ages you to con­cen­trate on your work.

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