Step-by-step: Some­thing big is com­ing this way!

ImagineFX - - Your Questions Answered... -

1 Af­ter I cre­ate a run­ning pose for my crea­ture, I add fall­ing leaves, splin­tered branches and splash­ing wa­ter to show the im­pact the crea­ture has as it charges through the for­est. Be­cause I want this im­age to feel me­nac­ing, I paint it face- on, with the beast com­ing at the viewer. It’s the best per­spec­tive, and feels right.

2 To give the ef­fect of mo­tion I add a sim­ple Ra­dial Blur to a copy of the im­age. I then ap­ply a mask to the blurred version and paint out the ar­eas that I want to keep in fo­cus. The re­sult­ing blur vs fo­cus con­trast helps to make the beast look like it’s charg­ing, and gives the viewer the feel­ing of re­treat­ing.

3 I add a lit­tle tar­get flee­ing for a bet­ter com­par­i­son. We can understand that a small crea­ture is able to move quickly. By show­ing that the prey is in dan­ger of be­ing caught, I es­tab­lish that the beast is just as fast, which al­le­vi­ates some of the men­tal dis­so­nance I men­tioned and gives my beast some mo­ti­va­tion.

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