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Sean was born in France, but now lives in Scot­land where he works on games and films for clients such as Wizards of the Coast. “I went to univer­sity to study prod­uct de­sign, but very quickly re­alised that I wanted to do art in­stead. So I left af­ter five weeks and have been do­ing all I can to im­prove as an artist since,” he says.

Sean tells us that he’s fo­cused on im­prov­ing ev­ery day and be­com­ing more thought­ful and knowl­edge­able on paint­ing and draw­ing, as he con­tin­ues to push his artis­tic skills.


“Paint­ing a large, vista-type en­vi­ron­ment is some­thing I hadn’t done for quite a while at the time of this im­age. I was in­ter­ested to re­visit the sub­ject and see how far I could take it.”

2 Es­cort

“This be­gan with some blobs of murky greens and reds; I knew I wanted that colour pal­ette. Once the gen­eral blob pal­ette and at­mos­phere were in place it was just a process of carv­ing it into the fin­ish.”

3 River

“This was just one big ex­per­i­ment on wa­ter. I tried a lot of new things and learned how and why wa­ter looks the way it does.”

4 Horses

“This started quite dif­fer­ently from where it ended up. Orig­i­nally the horse troop was a much smaller part of the paint­ing and the fo­cus was on a bunch of lilies float­ing in the wa­ter. Even­tu­ally, I de­cided that the bal­ance wasn’t work­ing and changed the fo­cus com­pletely.”

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