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Great 10th an­niver­sary edi­tion, guys. I thought you trod a fine line be­tween cel­e­brat­ing some of the best artists you’ve brought us over the years, with­out trav­el­ling too far up your own but­t­holes. I’ve seen some mag­a­zines spend their birth­day is­sues slap­ping them­selves on the back so much, it’s em­bar­rass­ing. But you man­aged to mark the oc­ca­sion while still bring­ing us amaz­ing art and bril­liant in­ter­views. Con­grats on sur­viv­ing this long in a world where a lot of sup­pos­edly big­ger mags, like FHM, have gone out of busi­ness. Please keep up the good work for an­other decade at least, as I don’t know what I would do with­out you.

One gripe, though. In your roundup of cheap al­ter­na­tives to Pho­to­shop El­e­ments you didn’t men­tion Affin­ity Photo. It’s only £40 and it does just about ev­ery­thing El­e­ments does, and some things bet­ter. I’d urge any­body to check it out. Mary Davis, via email Beren replies Hey Mary! Haha, many thanks for the com­pli­ment. We all worked hard on the 10-year an­niver­sary is­sue, and hope­fully pro­duced some­thing wor­thy of such a big cel­e­bra­tion. I love the process of plan­ning an is­sue, se­lect­ing the artists that we’d like to work with, the top­ics we cover and all that other jazz. Ul­ti­mately it’s all about them, and you, the read­ers, so hear­ing this is mighty fine in­deed!

As for Affin­ity Photo – thanks for the heads up. We re­viewed it back in Fe­bru­ary 2015. We will com­mis­sion a work­shop for it, but the trick there is find­ing an artist who uses the soft­ware. The search is on!

Reader Mary Davis be­lieves Affin­ity Photo is a de­cent Pho­to­shop El­e­ments al­ter­na­tive.

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