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Been lov­ing your cov­ers re­cently. I sub­scribe from Sydney so I’m a bit be­hind, but the Tank Girl is­sue cover was in­sane! Loved it. My nephew (15) spot­ted it and now he’s a con­vert too. How­ever, my favourite cover this year was the Beauty of Black and White is­sue – sim­ply stun­ning. Will you be do­ing any­thing like this again? Emily Bull­chong, via email Beren replies Hello Emily. I love the Tank Girl comic, and it was a blast to work with of­fi­cial artist Brett Par­son. And THANK YOU for giv­ing love for the black and white cover. We hadn’t done any­thing like that be­fore, but we definitely will again. We usu­ally go for eye-catching colour to sell the cover im­age, but sub­tle use of black and white and gold can work just as well. And it helps when you’re work­ing with the won­der­ful Char­lie Bowa­ter!

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