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To­day, I was look­ing for­ward to re­new­ing my sub­scrip­tion to ImagineFX when I no­ticed some­thing kind of funny. Tak­ing out a whole new sub­scrip­tion would ac­tu­ally be a lot cheaper than re­new­ing my old one. Now, this con­fused me, since I’ve al­ways as­sumed that mag­a­zines with a sub­scrip­tion op­tion would re­ward their long-term read­ers for stick­ing by them for so long – this would be my se­cond re­newal – rather than pun­ish­ing them with a higher rate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not look­ing for flow­ers or cham­pagne or any­thing like that, but I’d at least ex­pect the price of both op­tions – sub­scrib­ing for the first time and re­new­ing – to be the same. Any­way, I was just won­der­ing why there is dif­fer­en­tial pric­ing, be­cause ob­vi­ously there might be a per­fectly good rea­son to all this. I re­ally love your mag­a­zine. Sophia Dworatzek, via email Beren replies Hi Sophia – send­ing that love right back atcha, and the flow­ers and cham­pagne is en route! I’ve looked into this with our sub­scrip­tion team and, with the help of a dirty big rusty knife and an un­hindged glint in my eye, I’ve man­aged to get a pretty trans­par­ent re­sponse for you. It goes a bit like this…

‘Oc­ca­sion­ally we run sea­sonal pro­mo­tions at a re­duced rate to at­tract new sub­scribers – par­tic­u­larly at Christ­mas – to sell more gift sub­scrip­tions to ImagineFX. We need to at­tract new sub­scribers all the time to con­tinue pro­duc­ing the mag­a­zine. New sub­scrip­tions are an en­try point to be­com­ing a longer-term reader, and then th­ese sub­scribers re­ceive the same re­newal of­fers as you do. [I’m to­tally tak­ing the credit for the next bit.] We also run pro­mo­tions for ex­ist­ing sub­scribers, too, and so we’re happy to match re­cent spe­cial of­fers for new sub­scrip­tions. This re­newal of­fer will be open in­def­i­nitely, so feel free to re­new in your own time. To do so, you can visit­new-ifx. Al­ter­na­tively you can call us on +44 1604 251045 and quote 13E1 to gain the dis­count.’

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