Vary your ma­te­ri­als

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Crea­tures are of­ten un­clothed, in which case ma­te­rial vari­a­tion be­comes cru­cial. It can be a great tool for cre­at­ing in­ter­est while keep­ing your shapes sim­ple and iconic. Try to be as ac­cu­rate as pos­si­ble when in­di­cat­ing a ma­te­rial: how does it be­have un­der cer­tain sight­ing sce­nar­ios? A good way to get a grasp on this is to do stud­ies from pho­tos; you can also learn a lot by ob­serv­ing how re­al­life ma­te­ri­als re­act, or use a 3D pro­gram to play around with sur­face pa­ram­e­ters. Also check out Scott Robert­son’s book How to Ren­der for ex­cel­lent in­for­ma­tion on this.






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