5 Fin­ish­ing and high­lights

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The modelling stage of the paint­ing con­tin­ues un­til I call it fin­ished. Now I add the light­est lights, in this case, the planes of the face lit di­rectly by sun­light, the eyes and so on. I work on flat­ten­ing the back­ground so the strokes don’t in­ter­fere with the por­trait. I also work on the fab­ric of the model, al­though I keep the shapes fairly sim­pli­fied and loose.

This tech­nique of plac­ing patches of paint of dif­fer­ent val­ues and colours next to each other to cre­ate turn in form is called tiling. Th­ese ar­eas usu­ally have more reds in them. The jaw and chin ar­eas

have more greens in them, es­pe­cially for men. The hair shape is al­most never a flat colour, but

rather a va­ri­ety of muted darks (de­pend­ing on the light­ing). In this case I can see ac­cents of pur­ple in the hair, which I recre­ate with crim­son lake and cerulean blue.

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