5 Lights, cam­era, ac­tion!

ImagineFX - - Fantasy -

With prepa­ra­tions wa­ter tight and the grem­lins booted out the door, you’re now ready for your di­rec­to­rial de­but. To achieve a pro­fes­sional re­sult, light­ing is key. Here, a chiaroscuro at­mos­phere is cre­ated with a pow­er­ful sin­gle light source. I use pro­fes­sional soft­box lights on tripods to de­velop a sunny mid-af­ter­noon light. Work­men lights from hard­ware stores are a bud­get op­tion, or check the weather and use the sun for free. Al­though Nima and Alana did most of the work on this paint­ing, I still needed to study anatomy to make sub­tle changes at the art stage.

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