How to work up a speed­paint­ing

Alexander Nan­itchkov paints a card art lizard­man.

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This il­lus­tra­tion started as a speed­paint for Face­book group Daily Spit­paint, which is a use­ful com­po­si­tion ex­er­cise. The group comes up with daily top­ics, and mem­bers can cre­ate and post speed­paints as long as they’re done within 30 min­utes and with­out us­ing photo-tech­niques. If any of my speed­paint­ing con­cepts ei­ther have po­ten­tial or were well ac­cepted, then I turn them into fully de­vel­oped art­works.

This con­cept was cho­sen and com­mis­sioned for Spell­weaver, a card game that I’ve been work­ing. It fea­tures a mythical race I’ve had a lot of fun with: lizard­men. I wanted to con­vey the char­ac­ter as strong and ag­ile, and I used the pose, tail and even the strain on the rope, to hope­fully achieve that.

When work­ing I reg­u­larly flip the im­age hor­i­zon­tally to look for mis­takes in com­po­si­tion or anatomy. At the end, I ap­plied Smart Sharpen at 100 per cent to tighten up the im­age.

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