mix ac­cu­racy with ex­ag­ger­a­tion

Once you’ve grasped the ba­sics of anatomy, you can bring the fun into your char­ac­ter art by em­pha­sis­ing cer­tain body el­e­ments to suit the story you’re telling, says Loopy­dave

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1 S im­ple shapes

This char­ac­ter piece fea­tures sim­ple shapes that are still grounded in ac­tual anatomy with room for ex­ag­ger­a­tion and yes, some de­lib­er­ate in­ac­cu­ra­cies for the sake of style – in this case, in the front shoul­der.

2 H ead-to-height ra­tio

I’m aware of the more tra­di­tional seven- to eight-head height char­ac­ter ideal, but I like the ef­fect I achieve with a six-head height. Maybe I fig­ured that if his arms are the size of his head, he was plenty heroic al­ready!

3 Asym­me­try adds vis­ual in­ter­est

I re­ally en­joy play­ing around with fa­cial ra­tios and I like to avoid too much sym­me­try in my char­ac­ters’ fea­tures or ex­pres­sions. I was once asked if my pref­er­ence for un­even eye sizes was a drug thing and I had to as­sure them it was not… although I do know that I was dropped on my head as a kid, which prob­a­bly ex­plains a lot!

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