Step-by-step: Paint a char­ac­ter in a predica­ment

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1Boxes for torso and hips es­tab­lish the ges­ture and rough pro­por­tions. This ges­ture in­cludes a nice twist in the torso, be­tween the hips and the mass of the chest. Although the pelvis and ribcage don’t bend, don’t for­get to keep th­ese forms quite flex­i­ble, be­cause they rep­re­sent the masses of the body, not the bones.

2Now for the anatomy and de­tail­ing. Re­duce the opac­ity of the box forms and draw straight over the top. Al­ways try the pose your­self and imag­ine your­self in that po­si­tion. What at­ti­tude does the pose sug­gest? Would legs turn in­wards or out? The more you in­habit your char­ac­ter, the more dy­namic your ges­tures will be.

3Fill the area un­der the lines to give a sil­hou­ette as a base layer, then paint flat colours on top of this base. Try to be del­i­cate and use smaller jumps in value than you’d imag­ine. Sub­tle changes in value, hue or sat­u­ra­tion can add a nice colour vi­bra­tion, as you can see in the blue-ish high­lights on the top of his jumper.

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