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ImagineFX - - Editor’s Letter -

‘Card art’ is not a sexy term. The words aren’t spo­ken in breathy tones to in­voke vi­sions of in­ven­tion, cre­ativ­ity and artis­tic ex­cel­lence. But that’s ex­actly what it sig­ni­fies!

Any­one fa­mil­iar with Magic: The Gath­er­ing will know that in the small rec­tan­gle sit­ting above the card stats, com­pelling char­ac­ters, wild en­vi­ron­ments and myr­iad other weirdly won­der­ful things re­side. The paint­ings – and there have been flip­ping thou­sands of them made in the 20-odd years of Magic alone – are cre­ated by artists with dif­fer­ent styles and tech­niques. But with size and shape re­stric­tions, in or­der to make an im­pact they all have to be clever, clear and some­thing else that starts with ‘c’ that backs up my point.

The lovely peo­ple at Wiz­ards of the Coast have shared the new­est Magic ex­ten­sion pack – Shad­ows Over In­nistrad – and we’ve spo­ken to some of the key artists in­volved, over on page 40. If you want to get stuck into cre­at­ing your own card art, you’ve got two op­tions. Head to cover artist Anna Stein­bauer’s work­shop on page 64, or Fan­tasy Flight Games’ artist Matt Zeilinger on page 84, where there’s a cy­ber­dude mak­ing magic on the dance­floor await­ing you… Never thought I’d get to say that in Imag­ineFX.

There’s loads more of course, but in­stead of list­ing the rest, I’m go­ing to fo­cus on one par­tic­u­lar favourite of mine: the 2D and 3D work­shop on Dune’s or­nithopter by Alex Jay Brady. Her work­shop starts on page 70, and is packed with ideas and in­spi­ra­tion. En­joy!

Beren Neale, Act­ing Edi­tor beren.neale@fu­turenet.com

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