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Is there a way to get a sub­scrip­tion for Prac­ti­cal Painter, for those of us liv­ing in Canada? Brooke Simp­son, via email Beren replies Thanks for your email Brooke. At the mo­ment Prac­ti­cal Painter is a one-off, spe­cial edi­tion, so you can’t sub­scribe as such. But if it’s pop­u­lar – and it seems to be so far – there’s ev­ery chance we’d pro­duce a fol­lowup is­sue on the same sub­ject.

The other good news is that we post is­sues to Canada, too. For you or any­one else want­ing to or­der a copy, sim­ply visit www.my­favouritemagazines.co.uk and type “Prac­ti­cal Painter” into the search box at the top. That should take you straight to it.

Comic be­hav­iour

I was just won­der­ing, what with Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War be­ing so dog-damn awe­some, whether you’d be do­ing an­other comics is­sue any time soon?

I’ve long been a fan of comic art with­out ever re­ally hav­ing the courage to have a se­ri­ous try at re­cre­at­ing it. But now the film has re­freshed my ap­petite for paint­ing my own comic art and I’m ea­ger to learn how. Marc Rogers, via email Beren replies Hello Marc. This is a mo­ment of what you might call ‘co­in­ci­dence’, be­cause, luck­ily for you, we have a comic art is­sue com­ing up very soon. Fans of DC Comics’ Ken Lash­ley, and the char­ac­ter Black Pan­ther, will en­joy it.

A great con­cept?

I no­ticed an ad­vert for some­thing called Con­cept Artist. Is this a reg­u­lar pub­li­ca­tion, and, ei­ther way, when and where can I get it? Sarah Phelps, via email Beren replies Thanks for get­ting in touch Sarah. Con­cept Artist is a spe­cial edi­tion that’s full of work from artists be­hind big­name films and games, such as Star Wars: July 2016

Read­ers in Canada – and else­where in the world – can still get their hands on Prac­ti­cal Painter.

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