Eras­ing the last few lines

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I fix a few er­rors in the pose and anatomy, which weren’t no­tice­able un­til things were ren­dered a bit more. If I had made a clean sketch to be­gin with, this wouldn’t have been an is­sue. How­ever, I en­joy start­ing the paint­ing process from a rough base, be­cause I’m able to de­velop the im­age more nat­u­rally, rather than hav­ing ev­ery­thing strictly laid out from the get-go.

Ren­der­ing body el­e­ments

There are still a few ar­eas I haven’t touched much since the sketch stage. I fin­ish up the last few fins on her head, keep­ing the ones far­ther away from the face more sim­ple and soft. The cloth and legs need a few fin­ish­ing touches. I feel like the arm guards were a bit dis­tract­ing, so I tone them down and ren­der them prop­erly, tak­ing in­spi­ra­tion from corals and sea urchin shells.

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