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Guided com­po­si­tion

It’s your job to lead the viewer’s eye, and take them on a jour­ney through your im­age. Rather than con­cen­trat­ing on de­tails within the im­age, you should look for an over­all vis­ual im­pres­sion of the move­ment and bal­ance of the art­work.

Just like fram­ing a scene us­ing a cam­era, a use­ful tech­nique is to cre­ate a frame – ei­ther dig­i­tally, or from card – and ex­per­i­ment mov­ing it around your im­age. You can of­ten be sur­prised by the vary­ing ef­fec­tive­ness of the im­age depend­ing on fram­ing. In this ex­am­ple, the red area shows the pri­mary area of dra­matic fo­cus, but you can see how the sur­round­ing de­tails are com­posed to lead the eye around the im­age and re­in­force the pri­mary area.

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