De­tails, de­tails, de­tails

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As I ren­der the char­ac­ter, it’s im­por­tant to pay at­ten­tion to the lit­tle de­tails: his smirk, his but­tons and patches, the holes in his T-shirt, his tat­too, and so on. All of these help tell the story of the char­ac­ter be­yond what’s hap­pen­ing in the scene, and set him apart as a char­ac­ter who lives be­yond just ful­fill­ing the pur­pose of this one piece of art.

Mak­ing things co­he­sive

The last stage of paint­ing the char­ac­ter is to make sure I light him ap­pro­pri­ately so he looks like he’s a part of the scene, in ad­di­tion to be­ing the fo­cal point. He’s lit with the same hard red light that’s af­fect­ing the other char­ac­ters, but he re­tains much of his nat­u­ral colour­ing, which helps him stand out. I make sure to blend into the scene any el­e­ments that seem out of place on him or are draw­ing too much at­ten­tion.

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