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Hi. First of all, I want to tell how much I like your pub­li­ca­tion. I’m a happy am­a­teur artist of 33 years (now aged 67) and it’s so won­der­ful to see and read about all these mag­nif­i­cent artists all over the world. I have bought ev­ery is­sue since around num­ber 50, and I have a web­page ( www.enetoft.se), if you want to take a look at my art.

Any­way, I have two ques­tions. I have both a dig­i­tal and print sub­scrip­tion and I have some ques­tions about the dig­i­tal form. I’m a lit­tle bit frus­trated that the app starts so slowly. Very, very, very slowly. Is any­one else com­plain­ing about it? Or am I do­ing some­thing wrong? And it seems that it’s only pos­si­ble to read when you’re con­nected to in­ter­net. Is that right?

My hus­band is build­ing a huge cata­ma­ran and when it’s ready (in a year or two) we plan to be on the seas many months a year and then there is not so much in­ter­net. Is there any way to solve this?

Kind re­gards from Swe­den in the beau­ti­ful spring­time, where I got mar­ried a week ago! Eva Su­sanne Bildt, via email Beren replies Well firstly, many con­grat­u­la­tions Eva, both on the wed­ding and on the awe­some plans for liv­ing on the high seas. Don’t for­get your or­ange juice. Scurvy’s a killer!

For the dig­i­tal edi­tions, you’ll need in­ter­net to down­load the mag­a­zine it­self, but when you’ve got it on your tablet, you can read it at will… so maybe get a bunch of them ready for those months at sea? As for the slow speed of the app start­ing, this might be your in­ter­net con­nec­tion, or per­haps your tablet – we haven’t got this feed­back be­fore. Read­ers! Have any of you ex­pe­ri­enced this. Please get in touch.

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