4 Break­ing sym­me­try

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Here’s an early ob­ser­va­tion and im­por­tant les­son that I learned: our ac­tions are rarely sym­met­ri­cal in na­ture. Even the sim­plest of ges­tures like sit­ting or stand­ing aren’t evenly bal­anced. You’ll of­ten hear artists say that sym­me­try is bor­ing, and this is sim­ply be­cause it makes things feel too or­gan­ised and forced. Gen­er­ally, if a mo­ment is some­thing that calls for at­ten­tion – say, an ac­tion that’s grand or epic – is re­sort­ing to sym­me­try the best way for­ward?

Sub­tle changes in body lan­guage can change the at­ti­tude of a per­son

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