Xuex­i­ang Zhang

Lo­ca­tion: China Web: http://ifxm.ag/xuzha Email: xuex­i­an­gart@hot­mail.com ME­DIA: Pho­to­shop

ImagineFX - - Fx Posé -

“I started to paint in school when I was 15,” says Xuex­i­ang, “and in 2009 I went into col­lege ma­jor­ing in an­i­ma­tion. It was around this time that I be­came aware of how much the games in­dus­try re­lies on dig­i­tal artists.”

The Chi­nese artist grad­u­ated in 2013 and since then has been fully com­mit­ted to work­ing within game com­pa­nies, lov­ing the pas­sion of the art teams on each project. “Now I’m a free­lance con­cept artist, tele­work­ing for a com­pany in Canada.”

IMAGINEFX CRIT “The first thing that jumps out at me from Xuex­i­ang’s art is the use of colour, which man­ages to be both pow­er­ful and yet sub­tle at the same time. He has a great un­der­stand­ing of shape, too, es­pe­cially flam­boy­ant curves.” Beren Neale, Act­ing Ed­i­tor

Dragon Baby “I tried new themes and tex­ture with soft and loose strokes to de­pict the pic­ture. The use of side lights helped to ex­ag­ger­ate the vol­ume of the crea­ture.” Pal­adin “This il­lus­tra­tion was 2015’s last project. This was the first break­through in my work, al­though my paint­ing style has since changed.”

De­mon Girl “This is a char­ac­ter in a card game. She’s a vam­pire de­mon who hunts in­trud­ers that get lost in the mid­dle of the night. She rules the grave­yard and the dead from the un­der­world would fight for her.”

Game Icon-Dragon Head

“An icon for a Chi­nese game, which is the first time I had to draw part of the dragon head. I de­vel­oped fresh un­der­stand­ing of anatomy, namely that con­trast­ing colours help to cap­ture the viewer’s at­ten­tion.”

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