A Con­fab­u­la­tion of Dragons

A chance to ex­per­i­ment led to one of Scott’s favourite pieces

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Scott was ap­proached by a pri­vate col­lec­tor for a com­mis­sion that had only three re­quire­ments: it should con­tain three young women, a Huskie dog and at least one dragon. “Here was a chance to see what I could come up with within a very wide set of guide­lines,” he says.

“I had been look­ing for a word that I could use to re­fer to a group or gath­er­ing of dragons, much like a pod of whales or a pride of lions, and I felt that I found what I was look­ing for in a ‘Con­fab­u­la­tion’ of Dragons.

“I en­vi­sioned the scene as a great meet­ing of dragons – a sort of dra­co­nian sum­mit, where rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the di­verse world of dragons would gather and con­fer. What I liked most about this idea was that it lent it­self to a group of dragons of all shapes and sizes.”

Scott de­cided that the dragons would meet at the base of a large tree, with the three young women rep­re­sent­ing some sort of hu­man li­ai­son, per­haps priest­esses. On the ground and nearby boul­ders are an­cient runes, which were carved by mem­bers of ear­lier ‘con­fab­u­la­tions’.

“Soon, I be­gan de­sign­ing dragons as well as set­ting up a photo shoot for the young woman who would pose for all three of the young women in the fin­ished pic­ture,” he adds. “For­tu­nately, they were sup­posed to be sis­ters, so it was okay if the char­ac­ters all looked sim­i­lar…

“The fi­nal paint­ing mea­sured 46x34 inches, and took sev­eral months to com­plete. The big­gest chal­lenge, as al­ways with a com­plex piece, was try­ing to bal­ance all the el­e­ments so that the over­all ef­fect was one of har­mony, yet with a va­ri­ety of shapes, con­trasts, colours and de­tails. This one of­fered chal­lenges on all those lev­els.”

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