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draw­ing tip Dis­cover a sty­lus for iPad or An­droid that looks good and helps you draw with ease

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Price $60 Com­pany Lynk­tec Web www.lynk­tec.com

When it comes to sty­luses to draw or write with on your tablet, not all pens are cre­ated equal. The ear­li­est ‘ca­pac­i­tive’ de­signs took ad­van­tage of the in­her­ent elec­tric­ity in your body to fool tablets into recog­nis­ing them. Be­cause tablet screens are de­signed to de­tect fin­ger­tips, these early sty­luses had thick, stubby tips, which meant draw­ing with them wasn’t a pleas­ant ex­pe­ri­ence.

Later ‘ac­tive’ de­signs use a built-in bat­tery to gen­er­ate their own elec­tri­cal field that the tablet can de­tect. This means that the phys­i­cal nibs can be finer. The Apex Fu­sion is Lynk­tec’s third at­tempt at an ac­tive sty­lus, and its best yet.

The nib, made from a new poly­mer cre­ated by Lynk­tec, glides across a tablet dis­play sur­face and feels en­tirely nat­u­ral. The ac­cu­racy is good. It feels as though the line is emerg­ing from the nib, rather than the slight gap you get with some sty­luses, al­though there was some de­lay in the line ap­pear­ing at times. There’s no pres­sure-sen­si­tiv­ity in the Apex Fu­sion, but you can achieve a lim­ited de­gree of line thick­ness by vary­ing the speed you move the pen. It’s also quite tol­er­ant of be­ing held at an an­gle to the screen.

You can or­der ex­tra packs of nibs cheaply, al­though it’s a shame a spare nib wasn’t in­cluded with the Apex Fu­sion to en­cour­age the habit. With the busi­ness-like feel of a mi­cro-tip pen, the sty­lus bar­rel it­self is light and easy to grip, and doesn’t be­come un­com­fort­able if you use it for a longer ses­sion.

The in­ter­nal bat­tery of­fers around 14 hours of use per charge; a dis­crete mi­cro-USB port ac­cepts the pro­vided ca­ble for charg­ing. A sim­ple but­ton on the pen-holder ac­ti­vates the power.

With in­tu­itive use and no con­fig­u­ra­tion re­quired, the Apex Fu­sion is an ex­cel­lent sty­lus for sketch­ing, al­though ded­i­cated artists may still be tempted by the fea­tures, par­tic­u­larly pres­sure-sen­si­tiv­ity and short­cut but­tons, that Blue­toothen­abled de­signs like the slightly more ex­pen­sive Adonit Pixel pro­vide.

It doesn’t take long to get used to mov­ing the sty­lus at dif­fer­ent speed to achieve a range of line widths.

In ad­di­tion to black or sil­ver, the Apex Fu­sion also comes in gold or “rose gold” – a del­i­cate shade of pink.

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