The Art and Mak­ing of In­de­pen­dence Day: Resur­gence

Spa ced out An op­por­tu­nity for fans to go be­hind the scenes of the block­buster sci-fi se­quel, but ex­pect more ‘mak­ing of’ than art book

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For the first quar­ter of this 176-page tome, you might think you’ve ac­tu­ally bought the wrong book. The first 50 pages are de­voted to the first In­de­pen­dence Day film, with a lot of fan-friendly de­tail about char­ac­ters and plot but not much men­tion of the tech­ni­cal and artis­tic process be­hind it.

The book fi­nally starts to ful­fil its ti­tle’s prom­ise from page 70, where we get rough pen­cil sketches, dig­i­tal paint­ings and cross-sec­tions of the new movie’s moon base. From here on, it’s the art book you’ve been look­ing for, re­plete with film stills, be­hind-thescenes pho­tog­ra­phy, and con­cept art show­cas­ing how the many visual worlds of the movie, its new alien char­ac­ters, its weapons and its space­craft were con­ceived.

When it comes to the art, though, this book is fairly light on ex­plana­tory text. Much of the con­cept work fea­tured isn’t cred­ited, and while you do get a few quo­ta­tions from mem­bers of the art de­part­ment such as Aaron Sims, Mark Yang and Jo­hannes Mücke, we’d have liked more. In short, this book is prob­a­bly mainly of in­ter­est to fans of the new film – and a glance at the box of­fice re­ceipts sug­gests that there aren’t that many of those…

Con­cept art of a key story el­e­ment from the film. It’s just a shame the book doesn’t credit the artist be­hind it.

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