How we cre­ate… Highly de­tailed art in stages

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1 Mak­ing sketches

We pro­duce three sketches for the client. We tend to spend more time at the start of the project de­vel­op­ing the sketches, be­cause we don’t want to rush things and then have to come back and fix any mis­takes later on. Plan­ning the pic­ture and spend­ing the ex­tra time at the be­gin­ning saves us hours in the end. It also gives the client a clearer idea of the di­rec­tion that we’re go­ing in.

2 Pro­duc­ing the fi­nal draw­ing

Once the com­po­si­tion has been cho­sen we pro­ceed to the fi­nal line draw­ing. In this stage we try to fix any prob­lems in the draw­ing and, if nec­es­sary, add bet­ter and more dy­namic so­lu­tions. In this case this could be twist­ing the scarf or feath­ers, for ex­am­ple. We can’t em­pha­sise enough how use­ful a fi­nal, ap­proved line draw­ing is. At the end of the day, if you can’t draw it, then you can’t paint it!

3 Light and colour pass

We block in the colour and make masks to pre­serve the clean shapes. Then we add the lights with a layer in Color Dodge or Hard Light layer mode. We try to be aware of only mak­ing one light the dom­i­nant one, and keep­ing the other ones sub­tle. Key light, bounce light, dif­fuse and, fi­nally, rim light­ing are all added.

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