Ste­fanie Oden­dahl

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Stephanie lives with her two tom­cats in Biele­feld, Ger­many. She be­gan her ca­reer as a graphic de­signer, but af­ter a few years in the in­dus­try Stephanie de­cided it was time to fol­low her dreams and be­come a full-time il­lus­tra­tor.

“Since I started to learn how to draw in 2009 and to paint dig­i­tally in 2010, I’m con­stantly im­prov­ing my skills,” she says. “I’m mainly self-taught, with some help of my friends, the in­ter­net and sev­eral work­shops.”

Right now Stephanie mostly works on RPGs and board games, but would love to paint book cov­ers in the fu­ture.


Doomed “I painted this for the ArtOrder AIR chal­lenge – the topic was water pol­lu­tion. The de­struc­tion of the ocean is some­thing that con­cerns me. It was tough look­ing up ref­er­ences for this piece… all those dead an­i­mals! This is a very per­sonal im­age and one of my favourites. I like her ex­pres­sion.”


Star Wars Bat­tle “An il­lus­tra­tion for the RPG mag­a­zine Mephisto. I used model space­ships for ref­er­ence. I love to paint ex­plo­sions, ex­hausts and laser beams. It was a chal­lenge to paint some­thing that ev­ery­body knows and give it some­thing of your own.”


Ex­p­los ion “Work for my per­sonal Project VARGHAS. I like the ex­treme an­gle in this shot and the ac­tion. I got in­spired by a John Scalzi novel from the Old Man’s War se­ries, and my favourite video game Kil­l­zone.” 4 Crash “An­other il­lus­tra­tion for Mephisto. I wanted to paint a day­light scene for a change. This piece went through many it­er­a­tions as I worked on de­vel­op­ing the sto­ry­telling as­pect.” 1

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